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P4 (which started as a Posner Internship, continued with a SURG, and concluded with a poster presentation at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing) was such an amazing experience, I am sad to say goodbye to the project. Almost 10 months ago, I first started posting p4’s videos online. I’ve gone through 2 sets of grants, worked with more than 15 amazing actors, borrowed thousands of dollars of equipment, and the project has received awards and accolades from some very serious places. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Last night I (and my poster for pfour) were randomly selected to be profiled on an ACM blog. Here is the awesome write-up. Presenting the post last night was so much fun! I chatted with students, a president of a college, at CTO of a major tech company, and friends from last year. This female-community thing is pretty amazing!

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Video Marathon!

So, when I finished last semester, I still had chapters 8-17 and a few smaller pieces still not uploaded from my research project. After my awesome summer internship I will be presenting my work on pfour at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Technology and need to get the rest of the videos up. So. Here goes my 12 hour day of video uploading. Every time I get a new video up on YouTube, I will post it here. Watch out!

Update, 2:26pm. First video up! It’s “Birches” by Robert Frost

Update, 2:56pm: Second video up! It’s “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost

Update, 4:22pm. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot. Enjoy!

Update, 6:19pm. Parts 1 and 2 of Peter Pan, Chapter 8 are up!

Update, 6:37pm. Part 3 of chapter 8 of Peter Pan is up.

Money quote: “To die will be an awfully big adventure.”

Update, 6:42pm. All of chapter 9 is up (this sudden bursts of uploads has more to do with queuing than huge jumps of productivity :-D).

This is one of the quirkiest in all of J.M. Barrie’s quirky book. In it, the Never Bird saves Peter and Wendy from drowning by letting them use her nest as a boat. It shows Peter at his most transcendental. Enjoy!

Update, 7:32pm. Part 1 of Chapter 10 is up. It’s missing a bit–go to the YouTube page for the text of the missing parts. Part 2 is on its way.

Update, 7:45pm. Here it is!

Update, 8:06pm. Here is chapter 11, parts 1 and 2″

Update, 8:55pm. Here’s Chapter 12, parts 1 and 12:

Update, 10:11pm. Parts 1 and 2 of Chapter 13 are up:

Update, 10:15pm. Parts 1 and 2 of chapter 14 are up. Horray!

Update, 10:54pm. Both parts of Chapter 15 (“Hook or Me This Time!”) are up!

Update, 10:58pm. Sad update. I cannot find Chapter 16. But you can read it here. Coming up is one of the most bittersweet chapters in all of children’s literature. The final chapter of Peter Pan.

Update, 11:04pm. Last chapter *sigh of relief*. Parts 1, 2, and 3 of Chapter 17 of Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie

I spent 9 hours working on these videos today, and I still feel jazzed. I love creating defined objects that will be used, that help people access things I love. I love it. Time for sleep.

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At the Meeting of the Minds research symposium p4 won an award from the Center for Arts in Society. Go us. We rock, and they said so. Go us.

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I have spent a lot of the past 3 days learning Google Docs, learning YouTube’s data collection mechanism, learning to save time when dealing with data entry.

3 funny things I have learned:

  • YouTube does not record any data when there are no views for a video. This means that I must re-organize spread-sheets by hand to make sure the data for 03/04/09 for Sonnet 116 lines up with the data for 03/04/09 for Huckleberry Finn.
  • Google Docs does not work well when you have a lot of docs open in different tabs. It stalls, creaks, and goes badly. I have learned to open just a few at a time.
  • Though this humanities major would not have expected it, but I am really enjoying playing with numbers. Knowing that every line of every data sheet is a reflection of my efforts to spread great literature gives me a consistent, warm motivation to see what patterns I can pull out. It is something like giving a speech on something you are really good at.

I have been a bit concerned that I am spending so much time learning new media under a grant. Is learning to use an HD camera, a Cannon 360, Google Docs, or YouTube’s interface research? Is learning to negotiate for access to special equipment or for actors’ time covered in my grant? I know these things are important, but I am not sure if they are research.

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I was sitting in the lab, getting read to get down to some serious data entry for my poster (I am graphing each of my p4 video‘s popularity statistics on top of the others, see here for more on that) and I thought I was going to have to move the little dot on YouTube’s data aggregator across the fields and manually input each data point. Then I noticed a little button near the bottom. It said “Download reports for this video: csv”. Hallelujah! I am now on the IMF website reading up on csv document format. I am so glad YouTube took care of my data entry!

Apparently this is new as of today.

Super neat!

I will report more once I’ve figured it out.

When I set the time-range of my Insight to 6 months, it only downloaded March. I was worried March was the only one that would be availible, but it seems that I can download data by month. yay!

UPDATE 2: weirdly, I cannot set my time-range starting or ending on a weekend. A moralistic comment on the evil of doing work on weekends perhaps?

UPDATE 3: I guess I cannot get that data. The alt-text for the csv link (which I have just read) tells me that “Reports can be a maximum of 31 days and can not contain data from before the 1st of March 2009”. (“can not” is sic). Well. That is unhelpful. At least I don’t have to do data entry for the last month and a half of views…

Since I cannot download all of the videos’ individual data at once, and cannot even download all of it at a time, this will be less helpful of a tool than I had supposed. *sigh*.

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