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In no particular order,

  1. Practice one-session production–do not leave making movies to the end of the semester. Related to this, I would like to put out a movie once every two weeks.
  2. Organization (1 folder per person with images and soundfiles all in the same place) was good, but because of CMU’s limits on student server space, I wasted a lot of time retaking photographs and rerecording audio. Fix: I will be buying an external harddrive
  3. Having a theme (like storytelling) helped me more in the editing process then in my show-opening speech
  4. I over-estimated my ability to get people to read for me, and the importance of the Facebook group
  5. I under-estimated the commitment of non-drama majors and my performer’s abilities. Thank guys,  cuz, wow.
  6. I also under-estimated the amount of time it would take me to learn software (Logic Pro, Adobe Photoshop, iMovie)
  7. I did not expect to find so many similiar projects on YouTube

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